Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
HP 580 (+80 / LvL)
HP Regen. 9 (+0.9 / LvL)
Mana 280 (+50 / LvL)
Mana Regen. 7 (+0.8 / LvL)
Attack damage 55 (+3 / LvL)
Armor 27 (+3 / LvL)
Movement speed 340
Magic resist 32 (+1.25 / LvL)

Items recommended by Riot for Ekko


  • Chronobreak is a potent escape tool, but it can also be quite powerful when used offensively. Don't underestimate its damage potential.
  • If you can proc Z-Drive Resonance on an enemy champion, it's worth taking risks to do so. The bonus movement speed makes it easy to escape.
  • Phase Dive's dash is a great tool for setting up Ekko's other abilities. Use it to get double hits with Timewinder or get into position to detonate Parallel Convergence.

Playing against Ekko

  • Ekko is significantly weaker when his ultimate is down. Watch for the trail he leaves behind to determine if Chronobreak is available.
  • Ekko's stun zone takes 3 seconds to arm. Watch for the image he creates on cast and try to guess where the zone was placed.
  • The second hit of Timewinder does more damage than the first; try to avoid it.


A prodigy from the rough streets of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time to spin any situation to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Zero-Drive, he explores the branching possibilities of reality. As well as experimenting with multi-dimensional probability, Ekko spends his days running wild with the other lost children of Zaun. Though he revels in this freedom, when there's a threat to his friends, he'll endure anything to defend them. To the unknowing observer, Ekko accomplishes the impossible with ease, time and time again.


Sandstorm Ekko
Academy Ekko
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