Twitch, the Plague Rat

Twitch, the Plague Rat
HP 525.08 (+81 / LvL)
HP Regen. 6.008 (+0.6 / LvL)
Mana 287.2 (+40 / LvL)
Mana Regen. 7.256 (+0.45 / LvL)
Attack damage 55.46 (+2.41 / LvL)
Armor 23.04 (+3 / LvL)
Movement speed 330
Magic resist 30 (+0 / LvL)

Items recommended by Riot for Twitch

Doran's Blade Berserker's Greaves Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer The Black Cleaver Banshee's Veil


  • Twitch's Attack Speed is among the highest in the game; try purchasing items with on-hit effects such as Black Cleaver or Wit's End.
  • Contaminate has a large range; apply as many stacks of Deadly Venom as possible before using it.
  • You can catch up to an enemy out of attack range with Venom Cask.

Playing against Twitch

  • Twitch is fragile. Work with teammates to focus on him when you're able to catch him out of Camouflage.
  • Spell Shields won't block the damage from Deadly Venom, but they will block the effects Twitch can trigger with it.
  • If you suspect Twitch has left the lane, let your teammates know that Twitch is ''MIA.''


H.I.V.E. Incident Report Code Violation: Industrial Homicide Casefile Status: Unsolved Investigating Agent: Rol, P. Team responded to report of suspicious character, criminal activity; proceeded to Sump Works, Sector 90TZ. Sector 90TZ notably absent. In its place: sinkhole, smoke, noxious fumes. Interviews with private security indicate urgent need for better private security. Response team entered sinkhole. Toxic runoff had melted away building wreckage. Two survivors located, one partially liquefied and dripping off catwalk. Six deceased bodies found among wreckage, three of them partial; two appear to predate incident. Causes of death include acute deceleration, caustic liquidation, and/or fatal crossbow wounds. Unclear if lab's destruction was itself the perpetrator's motive or an attempt to cover tracks. Survivor #1 (Ra Qintava, facility researcher) brought up for interview, but unable to provide statement due to 1) post-traumatic stress and 2) liquefaction of tongue and lower jaw. Awaiting toxin screen and prosthesis fitting. Search-and-rescue discovered apparent shantytown constructed from refuse. Recovered items include: 57 waterlogged romance novels, illegible, with edits made in crayon 108 bottles, unlabeled (possible toxic runoff or discarded shampoo remnants) 200 pounds chewing gum (possible installation art project) 1 jar toenails, labeled by toe/finger, date, and mood Survivor #2 (Valori Olant, Sludge Analyst) in recovery; regained lucidity following prolonged therapeutic electrocution. Statement transcript excerpt follows: V.O.: GOT TO DO SOMETHING - NURSE: She's lost so much blood -- P.R.: Her co-workers lost a lot more than that -- V.O.: IT'S STILL OUT THERE! P.R.: Ma'am, I need you to focus. Tell me what he looked like. V.O.: LIKE A RAT! (pause) NURSE: Like a what? P.R.: You mean, small? Beady-eyed? Sorta rat-faced -- ? V.O.: I MEAN IT LOOKED LIKE A GIANT GODSDAMNED RAT! (pause). WITH A CROSSBOW! (pause). P.R.: (to nurse) Can we moderate her painkillers? V.O.: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING! IT'S A HOMICIDAL, PSYCHOPATHIC, GIANT FREAKING RAT! IN A WAISTCOAT! P.R.: Nurse? NURSE: (injecting Olant's arm with sedative) On it. [EDIT] V.O.: We were just scientists, working on refining human waste into inexpensive baby formula... [EDIT] I saw - I don't know how else to - this crazed, enormous RAT - screaming at us! Kicking over vats! Spitting on our food! [EDIT] The lab was sealed. Industrial waste was spilling everywhere. Nowhere to run. [EDIT] I woke up in the dark. Well, the acid had melted my eyeballs. I could SMELL the twitchy bastard inches from my face. It said, 'NOBODY STEALS TWITCH'S JUICE!' cackled wildly, and skittered off... I can still smell it in my mind. OH MY GODS, I CAN STILL SMELL IT- End transcript. At this point victim began screaming; has yet to stop. [UPDATE: Qintava, Written Testimony] Suspect summary, as reported: NAME/KNOWN ALIASES: ''Twitch.'' SEX: Male (unconfirmed). AGE: Unknown. HEIGHT: 4'9'' (hunched) WEIGHT: < 99 lbs. (wet). DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Is a giant rat. STATUS: At large; armed, extremely dangerous; DO NOT ENGAGE. H.I.V.E - Enforcing Progress!


Kingpin Twitch
Whistler Village Twitch
Medieval Twitch
Gangster Twitch
Vandal Twitch
Pickpocket Twitch
SSW Twitch
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