Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer
HP 484.4 (+80 / LvL)
HP Regen. 6.424 (+0.55 / LvL)
Mana 360.6 (+42 / LvL)
Mana Regen. 8.092 (+0.65 / LvL)
Attack damage 55.66 (+2.41 / LvL)
Armor 21.88 (+3.5 / LvL)
Movement speed 325
Magic resist 30 (+0 / LvL)

Items recommended by Riot for Ezreal

Doran's Blade Manamune Last Whisper Trinity Force Banshee's Veil Ionian Boots of Lucidity


  • Use Arcane Shift to help line up your other skill shots.
  • You can play Ezreal either as a Attack Damage carry or Ability Power carry depending on how you build him.
  • You can line up Trueshot Barrage to hit multiple minion waves or even Monsters.

Playing against Ezreal

  • Ezreal is a very fragile champion so take the fight to him.
  • Ezreal is completely skill shot based, so make sure to keep minions in between you.
  • Mystic Shot applies on-hit effects including the Crest of Cinders.


The intrepid young adventurer Ezreal has explored some of the most remote and abandoned locations on Runeterra. During an expedition to the buried ruins of ancient Shurima, he recovered an amulet of incredible mystical power. Likely constructed to be worn by one of the Ascended, the enormous talisman nonetheless fit snugly upon his arm, amplifying his raw sorcerous skill to such an extent that he's gained the reputation of a hero, much to his embarrassment.


Nottingham Ezreal
Striker Ezreal
Frosted Ezreal
Explorer Ezreal
Pulsefire Ezreal
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Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal
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