Thresh, the Chain Warden

Thresh, the Chain Warden
HP 560.52 (+93 / LvL)
HP Regen. 6.924 (+0.55 / LvL)
Mana 273.92 (+44 / LvL)
Mana Regen. 6 (+0.8 / LvL)
Attack damage 47.696 (+2.2 / LvL)
Armor 16 (+0 / LvL)
Movement speed 335
Magic resist 30 (+0 / LvL)

Items recommended by Riot for Thresh

Doran's Ring Abyssal Scepter Glacial Shroud Aegis of the Legion Mercury's Treads


  • Communication is key when making use of Thresh's lantern. Let your teammates know how you like to use it.
  • Death Sentence and Flay can be combined in either cast order for powerful combinations.
  • Thresh can collect souls without needing to kill units himself. Planning your map position to be near the most deaths will help to maximize soul collection.

Playing against Thresh

  • Thresh's Death Sentence has a long cast time. Watch for the cast to begin to take evasive actions.
  • Intentionally breaking a wall of The Box can allow a vulnerable ally to escape unscathed.
  • Thresh relies on collecting souls for a portion of his defense and damage. Try punishing him when he moves to collect them.


''The mind is a wondrous thing to tear apart.'' Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is a restless spirit who prides himself on tormenting mortals and breaking them with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond the point of death, for Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his lantern to torture for all eternity.


Deep Terror Thresh
Championship Thresh
Blood Moon Thresh
SSW Thresh
Dark Star Thresh
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