League of Legends : Patch PBE 7.1 01/03/2017 - Splash arts, new icons and more

League of Legends : Patch PBE 7.1 01/03/2017 - Splash arts, new icons and more

Some changes appeared tonight on the official League of Legends test servers. Check out what will probably end up being implemented in the next major League of Legends update.



Lucian, Quinn and Garen new skins splash arts are available : 



New professional teams icons have been added : 


Balance changes

​Don't forget to check out the 7.1 PBE summary to have more context about those balance changes !
  • Blue buff XP reduced to 200 from 210
  • Red buff XP reduced to 200 from 210
  • Gromp XP reduced to 200 from 210
  • Little Krugs XP reduced to 35 from 45
  • Mini Krugs XP reduced to 7 from 15
  • Crimson raptors XP increased to 20 from 15
  • Small raptors XP increased to 35 from 15
  • Non-buff camps now reward about 25% less XP on the first clear
  • Portail de Zz'Rot
    • Void Gate duration and CD lowered to 120 seconds from 150
    • Voidling HP per level lowered to 0 from 50
    • Voidling current health decay per tick increased to 20% from 10%
    • Voidling Structure Damage per level increased to 20 from 5
    • Voidlings no longer added to the creep score of enemies who kill them
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