League of Legends : Patch PBE 11/21/2016 - Camille, Christmas skins/wards and more ...

League of Legends : Patch PBE 11/21/2016 - Camille, Christmas skins/wards and more ...
Some changes appeared tonight on the official League of Legends test servers. Check out what will probably end up being implemented in the next major League of Legends update.





From left to right : Passive, Q, W, E, R


Weaponized to execute outside the boundaries of the law, Camille Medarda is an elegant and elite operative who ensures the commerce of the Piltover machine with its Zaunite underbelly runs smoothly. Raised among manners and money, she is the Principal Intelligencer of House Medarda, and runs down the family's darker problems with surgical precision. Others in Piltover may carry hex-tech, but Camille's single-minded devotion to her profession has left many to wonder if she is more machine than woman. With a mind as sharp as the blades she bears, Camille is adaptable and patient, viewing chaos and sloppy technique as a thing that must be put to order.


  • HP : 575.6
  • HP by level : 95
  • Armor : 26
  • Armor by level : 3.8
  • MR : 32.1
  • MR by level : 1.25
  • HP regen : 1.7
  • Hp regen by level : 0.16
  • Mana regen : 1.63
  • Mana regen by level : 0.15
  • AD : 62
  • AD by level : 3.5
  • Range: 125
  • Movement speed : 340
  • Attack speed : ??
  • Attack speed by level : 2.5

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