[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.21 PBE patch notes

[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.21 PBE patch notes
Updated 10/24/2015 : Updated with the tonight's PBE patch data.
For some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account. 

I am sorry if some of the articles linked are in french. Please let me know if you want me to translate one of them.

For some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account.


  • 10/13/2015 : New skins, Balance changes
  • 10/16/2015 : New splash, Balance changes
  • 10/19/2015 : Zoomed splashs, Masteries, Balance changes
  • 10/20/2015 : Halloween + Worlds login screens, Skin Jinx, Balance changes
  • 10/21/2015 : New champion, Splash arts, Icons, 2015 season rewards
  • 10/22/2015 : Illaoi, Slayer Jinx


This quote has been removed !
A champion select quote has been found and seems linked to a new champion called Illaoi :


Slayer/Zombie dedicated login screen has been added :

There is also a new login screen for worlds : 


3 new skins are now available :

Slayer Jinx (1350 RP)

Zombie Nunu (1350 RP)

Slayer Pantheon (975 RP)



A new kind of splash art, more zoomed, has been discovered. They are the same than the classic ones but mlore zoomed and focused on the champions. They should not replace our current splash even if we don't know what they are designed for. Before being removed from the client, we have been able to find what seems to be a new splash art for  Swain (official one should be less zoomed) :
Update 10/19 : They are back !


A lot of new assests, related to masteries, have been included tonight. We can't currently now if we will see new masteries, at the moment this is only cosmetic stuff :



New icons for Worlds championship semi finalists are there : 


Two new Harrowing icons have been included : 



Normals have been disabled in order to have more people in ranked to test annual/seasonal rewards.

By entering "/party [your message]" in the chat you will now be able to speak with your party.

Season border rewards have been integrated and include division'markers in addition to leagues : 


Balance changes

  • Chogath : Festin
    • New effect : champions kills now gives 2 stacks
    • New effect : If this spell kills an ennemy when Cho'Gath already has the maximum number of stacks, Chogath : Festin heals him (double effect against champion)
    • ​Nouvel Effet : Si un enemi est tué avec Festin alors que Cho'Gath a déjà le maximum de stacks, Festin soigne Cho'Gath (effet doublé contre les champions enemis)
  • Gangplank
    • General
      • HP reduced to 580 from 631
      • HP by level increased to 82 from 79
    • Gangplank : Pourparlers
      • No more gives back half its mana cost when a unit is killed
  • Mordekaiser
    • Title changed from "The Lord of Death" to "The Iron Revenant".
    • Mordekaiser : Enfant du chaos
      • Bonus XP reduced to 50% instead of 100% of lost xp when you share it with your teammates
  • Riven
  • Zilean
    • Zilean : Assimilation
      • Reworked
        • New name : Time in a Bottle
        • Passive
          • Zilean stores time as Experience at a rate of [2/3.5/5/6/12 at levels 1/6/11/16/18]  per 5 seconds.
        • Active
          • When he has enough Experience to finish an ally's level, he can right-click them to impart it. Zilean receives as much Experience as he gives. Cannot be used in combat.
          • CD : 120 seconds
  • Veigar 

New report System

A new report system has been added, this system has a little less categories and allows the player to check one or more instead of chosing from a list. More informations here 

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