League of Legends : PBE Patch 07/28/2015

League of Legends : PBE Patch 07/28/2015
Some changes appeared on the official League of Legends test servers. Check out what will probably end up being implemented in the next major League of Legends update.


Fiora has been updated tonight. Check out this changes in our article dedicated to her rework !

Chroma packs

Cassiopeia' chrom pack has been added in this patch :


As always, the new HUD as been tweaked to be more readable : 

  • Bigger numbers
  • Bigger and clearer font
  • Bigger player's portrait at the top of the minimap
  • OOM/On CD colors differeniated

Balance changes

Check out the full PBE changes article to be sure to not miss anything !


  • Ekko
    • Ekko : RéZonance
      • Slow reduced to 30/40/50/60/70% from 40/50/60/70/80%
    • Ekko : Convergence parallèle
      • Shield amount reduced to 80/100/120/140/160 from 150/195/240/285/330
      • AP ratio increased to 1.5 from 0.8
    • Ekko : Chronofracture
      • HP regen's taken damages ratio reduced to 20/20/20% from 20/25/30% 
      • AP ratio increased to 0.066 from 0.033
  • Nidalee
  • Sivir
    • Sivir : En chasse
      • Initial movement speed increased to 40/50/60% from 30/45/60% (nerf compared to live)
      • Targets who don't get the initial movement speed bonus will now get the actual Sivir movement speed bonus instead of 20%. (nerf compared to live)
      • Range increased to 1000 from 900 (Back to live value)
  • Héraut de Zeke
    • Stacking speed reduced by around 33%
    • Bonus duration increased to 8 seconds from 6 seconds

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