League of Legends : Black Market Brawlers, new game mode !

League of Legends : Black Market Brawlers, new game mode !
It’s that time again. :D We’ve been hard at work on this one and can’t wait for you guys to get crackin’ in the next featured game mode, “Black Market Brawlers”. This is one of our most complex FGMs to date, with multiple mechanics and a treasure trove of new content to absorb. So buckle in and let’s break it down.

“Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE (Source)

Black Market Brawlers

TL;DR: Purchase illegal Black Market items and use golden Krakens to recruit new brawler minions as you vie for dominance on Summoner’s Rift!

Players: 5v5
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Pick type: Blind Draft



Golden Krakens are a new currency you’ll earn to spend on hiring and upgrading your brawler minion.

Earn and spend Krakens to hire the brawler minion of your choice, then upgrade them however you want.

Krakens are acquired by:

  • Every 60sec = 1 Kraken
  • 1 kill = 2 Krakens
  • 1 assist = 1 Kraken
  • Baron/Dragon = 1 Kraken per team member (5 total)
  • Counter jungling a large monster = 1 Kraken

Destroying an inhibitor won’t summon a Siege Minion but instead, dramatically buff all the Brawlers in that lane.

The Brawlers:

There are four types of brawler minions. Each game you will spend Krakens you’ve earned to hire one brawler minion type of your choice, then upgrade him as you see fit throughout the game. Once hired, your brawler will replace a regular minion and spawn in every wave of all 3 lanes for the rest of the game. Each brawler minion has 3 upgrade paths (Abilities, Attack & Defense) you can pursue to customise them how you want. Upgrades can be purchased from the new “Brawlers” tab in the item shop at fountain using Krakens.



Melee: Tanky siege
Initial hire: Your Ironback takes 25% reduced dmg from enemy turrets.
Lv 1: Your Ironback deals 175% dmg to enemy structures. Gains a shield that blocks the next basic attack from a champion or a turret. (Shield CD 10sec)
Lv 2: Your Ironback deals 250% dmg to enemy structures. While the shield is active, it takes 35% reduced dmg from minions.
Lv 3: Your Ironback deals 325% dmg to enemy structures. The shield CD is reduced to 3sec and it now takes 60% reduced dmg from minions.



Melee: Champion pursuer
Initial hire: Your Razorfin has 100% bonus attack speed.
Lv 1: Upon aggroing an enemy champion, it will pursue them endlessly. While attacking enemy champions your Razorfin has 100% increased movement speed and ignores unit collision.
Lv 2: Each time your Razorfin hits an enemy champion, it applies a mark. On the 3rd mark, Razorfins deal 300% damage to the target.
Lv 3: Two Razorfins will spawn for you in each wave.



Ranged: Champion harass
Initial hire: Your Plundercrab shoots an additional shot at a nearby champion with +150 attack range but 50% damage.
Lv 1: Your Plundercrab has +50 attack range. Gains a stacking 20% attack speed buff (up to 150%) for 3sec every time they hit an enemy champion.
Lv 2: Your Plundercrab has +100 attack range. Deals 150% dmg on hitting enemy champions.
Lv 3: Your Plundercrab has +150 attack range. On-hit bonus now also applies when hitting enemy minions, and shoots an additional shot at ALL nearby enemy champions.



Ranged: Support utility
Initial hire: Your Ocklepod casts a magic shield on allied minions every 10sec, blocking 80 dmg. The shield lasts 10sec.
Lv 1: Your Ocklepod has 10 MR. Spawns a moving Clairvoyance every 30sec. After a 4sec reveal delay, it grants vision to a nearby area for 4sec.
Lv 2: Your Ocklepod has 20 MR. Shield now blocks 150 + (1 x Ocklepod's AD) damage.
Lv 3: Your Ocklepod has 30 MR. Clairvoyance is now cast every 10sec, and the reveal delay is reduced to 2sec. Duration and distance travelled of the Clairvoyance is increased by 50%. Shield now blocks 300 + (1 x Ocklepod's AD) damage.

Other Brawler upgrades:

Brawler Abilities

 Adds an ability to your brawler. Each brawler minion has different abilities unique to them (Total 3). See above for detailed descriptions of each brawler’s unique ability upgrades.

Initial hire (5 Krakens): See above
Lv 1 (5 Krakens): See above.
Lv 2 (10 Krakens): See above.
Lv 3 (20 Krakens): See above.

Brawler Attack

 Adds AD to your Brawler (Total 3).

Lv 1 (5 Krakens): +10 AD (Total +10 AD)
Lv 2 (10 Krakens): +20 AD (Total +30 AD)
Lv 3 (20 Krakens): +30 AD (Total +60 AD)

Brawler Defense

 Adds extra HP to your Brawler (Total 3).

Lv 1 (5 Krakens): +100 HP (Total +100 HP)
Lv 2 (10 Krakens): +200 HP (Total +300 HP)
Lv 3 (20 Krakens): +300 HP (Total +600 HP)


As well as the new brawler minions, there’s also a cache of new illicit Black Market items in the mix on this featured game mode. NOTE: “Morellonomicon” will be disabled in this mode. :)

 Typhoon Claws
Recipe: Pioche+Dague
Cost: 2000G
+30 AD
+20% Attack Speed
+4% Movement Speed
UNIQUE Passive - Phantom Hit: Basic Attacks grant Malice Charges upon hitting an enemy. After 3 stacks, your next 3 attacks will be at maximum attack speed, but deal -50% damage. Charges expire after 3sec.

 Flesheater (Melee Only)
Recipe: Sceptre vampirique+Épée longue
Cost: 1460G
+20 AD
+10% Life Steal
UNIQUE Passive - Basic attacks build Flesh charges. After 5 basic attacks, the Flesheater active will be ready.
UNIQUE Active - Flesheater: Rip the flesh from target enemy minion dealing 200 (+75% AD) true damage to the target, healing the user for 50 (+75% AD) HP and adding 1 Flesh stack to the item.
UNIQUE Passive - Each stack on Flesheater adds +1 AD to the wielder.

 Mirage BladeMirage Blade
Recipe: Sceptre vampirique+Pioche+Cape d'agilité
Cost: 3200G
+60 AD
+15% Critical Strike
+12% Life Steal
UNIQUE Passive - Mark of the Sands: Basic Attacks apply a Sand Mark on the target revealing them for 3sec. Only one enemy can be Marked at any time.
UNIQUE Active - Mirage Step: Teleport 350 units directly away from the Sand Marked target (60sec CD.)

 Lost Chapter
Recipe: Codex méphitique+Idole interdite
Cost: 1800G
+50 AP
+100% Base Mana Regen
UNIQUE Passive: +20% CDR

 Netherstride Grimoire
Recipe: Lost Chapter+Tome d'amplification
Cost: 3000G
+100 AP
+100% Base Mana Regen
+20% CDR
UNIQUE Passive - Malice: Gain 20% movement speed for 2sec when hitting an enemy with a damaging spell.

 Rite of Ruin
Recipe: Lost Chapter+Tome d'amplification
Cost: 3000G
+100 AP
+100% Base Mana Regen
+20% CDR
UNIQUE Passive - Razing: Gains charges upon moving or killing enemies (200 charges max). Attacking a structure expends 50 charges to deal 100 (+15% AP) bonus true damage.

 Pox Arcana
Recipe: Lost Chapter+Tome d'amplification
Cost: 3000G
+100 AP
+100% Base Mana Regen
+20% CDR
UNIQUE Passive - Pox: Damaging spells apply a stack of Pox (max of 5) to enemy champions hit for 10sec.
UNIQUE Active - Disease Harvest: Deals 100 magic damage plus 20 (+5% of AP) per stack of Pox to all nearby enemies affected by Pox, and restores 5% of maximum mana to the caster per stack of Pox on enemies hit. (60sec CD)

 Staff of Flowing Water
Recipe: Calice d'harmonie+Tome d'amplification
Cost: 1635G
+40 AP
+25 MR
+50% Base Mana Regen
UNIQUE Passive - Mana Font: Restores 2% of missing Mana every 5sec.
UNIQUE Passive: Gain 30% Movement Speed and 10 Mana Regen per 5sec while in the river.

 Trickster’s Glass
Recipe: Déguisement hanté+Cristal de rubis
Cost: 2115G
+60 AP
+400 HP
UNIQUE Passive - Eyes of Pain: +15 Magic Penetration
UNIQUE Active - Disguise: Teleport to ally and take on their appearance for 30sec. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the deception. (90sec CD)

 Dead Man’s Plate
Recipe: Cotte de mailles+Ceinture du géant+Cristal de rubis
Cost: 2800G
+580 HP
+50 Armor
UNIQUE Passive - Dreadnought: While moving, build stacks of Momentum, increasing movement speed by up to 60 at 100 stacks. Momentum quickly decays while not moving.
UNIQUE Passive - Crushing Blow: Basic attacks discharge all Momentum, dealing 1 physical damage per 2 stacks.

 Martyr’s Gambit
Recipe: Bracelet cristallin+Gemme exaltante
Cost: 1850G
+400 HP
+100% Base HP Regen
+10% CDR
UNIQUE Active: Binds yourself to target champion for the next 3sec, redirecting 60% of all damage dealt to them to yourself. (30sec CD).

Recipe: Calice d'harmonie+Gemme exaltante
Cost: 2200G
+250 HP
+25 MR
+50% Base Mana Regen
+20% CDR
UNIQUE Passive - Mana Font: Restores 2% of missing Mana every 5sec.
UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks mark champions with a string for 6sec. Moving further than 1000 range away from marked champions will break the string.
UNIQUE Active: Pull all champions Marked by Puppeteer within 1000 range towards you. Units move a maximum of 250 distance (45sec CD).

Cost: 365G
+5% CDR
+25% Base Mana Regen
UNIQUE Active - Swindler’s Shield: Shield ally for 60 HP and generate gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.

 Swindler’s Orb
Recipe: Murksphere
Cost: 865G
+10% CDR
+50% Base Mana Regen
UNIQUE Active - Swindler’s Shield: Shield ally for 60 HP and generate gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.

 Globe of Trust
Recipe: Swindler’s Orb+Gemme exaltante
Cost: 2100G
+20% CDR
+150% Base Mana Regen
UNIQUE Active - Safe Harbor: Lobs a bubble that shields nearby allies for 150 HP and generates gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (maximum of 100 gold per cast) (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.

 Boot Enchant: Teleport
Recipe: Enchant for any Tier 2 boot.
Cost: 600G
UNIQUE Active - Teleport: Teleport to target allied object.

Known issues:

  • Some placeholder SFX
  • Some Trickster's Glass particles still buggy. Working on it!

We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes of a mode as deep as this one. Do you hire brawler minions that enhance your team’s strengths ("Let’s get some Ironbacks so we can siege down towers!") or exploit the enemy team’s weaknesses ("they have terrible wave clear.. Razorfin rush!"). The Black Market items will also completely change champ viability for multiple roles. I’m sure you guys will find crazy new combos/synergy that we haven’t even thought of! o.O

Please report any bugs you find in here. As always, thanks for helping us test PBE guys. ^_^

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