League of Legends : PBE Patch 06/26/2015

League of Legends : PBE Patch 06/26/2015
Some changes appeared on the official League of Legends test servers. Check out what will probably end up being implemented in the next major League of Legends update.


A new male announcer voice has appeared on the PBE : 


Chroma Packs

New chromas have been integrated in game files : 



Nasus dreadknight
Karthus grtim reaper
Zed shockblade



Visual updates

Shyvana : Combustion of ice drake Shyvana has been updated :


Balance changes

Champions Items
  • Enchantement : Dévoreur
    • Now transforms into "Sated Devourer" when reaching 30 stacks
    • Magic damages deals after each basic attacks increased to 30 from 25
    • New passive : 
      • Takedowns on Large monsters and champions increase magic damage by +1. Takedowns on epic monsters increased by +5. At 30 stacks, your Devourer becomes Sated, granting extra on Hit effects
  • New jungler enchantement : Sated Devourer
    • +50% attack speed
    • +60 magic damages adter each basic attack
    • UNIQUE passive property:
      • Every other basic attack will trigger a phantom attack that triggers all on hit effects a second time.

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