League of Legends : Discussions about Fiora's update

League of Legends : Discussions about Fiora's update
Fiora's update is actually worked on and should it the PBE in a few moments. Meddler is giving us a bit more clue about what will happen with this rework !

Can we get a legit update on Fiora's rework? (Source)

Fiora's being actively worked on right now, both in terms of gameplay and art adjustments. She's not one of the next updates out (those'll be Gangplank and Miss Fortune), but will probably be one of the next updates after them.

On the gameplay side the guiding pillar's remained 'Grand Duelist', with abilities focused on dueling enemies, with speed and timing emphasized. Single target damage and mobility are likely to remain her strengths. She'll probably end up with a bit of situational CC and a bit more disengage than at present, though in exchange have a somewhat less guaranteed combat pattern (e.g. we've been testing a Fiora : Fente dash that's free targeted, rather than certain to hit once cast). In terms of existing weaknesses we expect she'll continue to lack AOE power and will still be a non tanky melee damage dealer. More details/discussion to follow closer to her release of course.

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