[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.13 PBE patch notes

[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.13 PBE patch notes
Updated 04/07/2015 : Updated with the tonight's PBE patch data.
For some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account. 

I am sorry if some of the articles linked are in french. Please let me know if you want me to translate one of them.

or some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account.


  • 23/06/2015 : New champion, New Gnar and Tahm Kench skins, Balance changes
  • 24/06/2015 : New champion, New map, Visual updates, HUD Update, Balance changes
  • 25/06/2015 : Balance changes
  • 26/06/2015 : Announcer male voice, Visual updates, Chromas packs, Balanbce changes
  • 29/06/2015 : Visual updates, Zeke's rework, Balance changes
  • 30/06/2015 : New champion, HUD Update, Balance changes
  • 01/07/2015 : New champion, Login screen, Splash Gnar, New ARAM map, Icons, Chroma Packs
  • 02/07/2015 : New champion, Elements removed, Balance changes

New Champion

The new champion, Tahm Kench, rivers king, has arrived on the PBE. Check out our detailed overview of him from the PBE for more information !


Tahm Kench's login screen is now available : 


The new Bilgewater ARAM map, Butcher's bridge, has been integrated !
Removed from this cycle !


Mark/Dash Changes


Shop keepers voice

Champion select music


The first Tahm Kench skin is available :
Master Chef Tahm kench (975 RP)
One new skin for Gnar is also available :
Gentleman Gnar (975 RP)


New chromas have been integrated in game files : 

Nasus dreadknight
Karthus grtim reaper
Zed shockblade (Not available at this patch)


Some more champions have now new VFX for their spells : 

Brand : Colonne de flammes of Brand has been updated :


New summoner icons for teams of asian leagues are available :
LCK (Korea)

LMS (Taïwan)

GPL (South-east Asia)


HUD update is coming back ! You can check out this article to learn more about it.

Riot has added a filling blue/green point at the top of players portraits in order to inform about the CD of ultim abilities !

Removed from this cycle !


A new male announcer voice has appeared on the PBE : 


Balance changes

Champions Items
  • Enchantement : Dévoreur
    • Now transforms into "Sated Devourer" when reaching 30 stacks
    • Magic damages deals after each basic attacks increased to 30 from 25
    • New passive : 
      • Takedowns on Large monsters and champions increase magic damage by +1. Takedowns on epic monsters increased by +5. At 30 stacks, your Devourer becomes Sated, granting extra on Hit effects
      • Kill one of the rivers scuttler increase bonus magic damages by 2
  • New jungler enchantement : Sated Devourer
    • +50% attack speed
    • +60 magic damages adter each basic attack
    • UNIQUE passive property:
      • Every other basic attack will trigger a phantom attack that triggers all on hit effects a second time.
  • Sceptre abyssal
    • Rework reverted
    • Reworked
      • Total cost : 2500
      • Recipe :
      • +40 AP
      • +250 HP
      • +60 MR
      • UNIQUE Passive : 
        • Every 2 seconds emanates a pulse dealing 40 (+2 per champion level) magic damage to nearby enemy champions and reduces their Magic Resist by 5% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6 times, up to 30%)
  • Mandrake Ward
    • Count as a Stealth Ward and share the same limit
    • Click to consume :
      • Places an invisible blind sentry in a brush for 5 minutes.  The plant will ping the map if a visible or invisible enemy enemy is within 900 range.
    • Can only be placed in a brush
    • Removed, once again
  • Gloire du juste
    • HP reduced to 500 from 600
    • Active CD increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds
  • Visage spirituel
    • Passive now also increase heals coming from other champions
  • Blason de Zeke
  • Couteau du braconnier
    • HP&mana regen passive now only triggered if its owner is attacked
  • Enchantement : Glaive runique
    • AP increased to 50 from 40
    • Magic damages increased to 100% from 75% of basic attack
    • Bonus magic damages no more triggers spell effects (as Sceptre de Rylai or Écho de Luden)
  • Sabre de l'escarmoucheur
    • HP&mana regen passive now only triggered if its owner is attacked
  • Défricheur du ranger
    • HP&mana regen passive now only triggered if its owner is attacked
  • AP items changes integrated ! Check out our dedicated article to get in details all of the modifications.
  • Dragon
    • Non-killing team receives Dragon timer at the first moment they see an enemy with Dragon buff or when they see the empty pit.
  • Nashor
    • Both teams now receive Baron timer when Baron dies
  • Removed

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