League of Legends : PBE patch 06/10/2015

League of Legends : PBE patch 06/10/2015
New features are available on the PBE. Check out what will certainly be soon added to League of Legends !

HUD Update

Back on the field for this patch. You can check out the official article if you don't have already done it !


Chroma packs




Rocket Girl Tristana


It seems that another one Chroma is planned for Headhunter Maître Yi. Nothing available yet, but as it was for Rocket girsl Tristana before, some buttons have appeared in the interface with no pictures/models available.

balance changes

To be sure not to misunderstand the numbers and put these changes in a more global context , don't forget to check the summary of the 5.12 cycle changes on the PBE !


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