League of Legends : Champions and skins on sale in June !

League of Legends : Champions and skins on sale in June !
This month, Riot has decided to reveal early which champion and skins will be on sale next month. No precise date mentioned but it gives us som knowledge about what you could buy with a 50% price reduction in June !

June sales schedule (Source)

Check out all the champs and skins that’ll be on sale this June. Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month, so keep an eye out.

Just a heads up – Since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on content bought before it’s on sale.

Champion Sale Price Skin Sale Price
Aatrox 487 RP Atlantean Fizz 260 RP
Braum 487 RP Battle Regalia Poppy 260 RP
Cassiopeia 440 RP Battlecast Xerath 260 RP
Corki 395 RP Boom Boom Blitzcrank 260 RP
Fiora 487 RP Buccaneer Tristana 260 RP
Fizz 440 RP Cowgirl Miss Fortune 375 RP
Gnar 487 RP Crimson Elite Riven 260 RP
Gragas 395 RP Crimson Elite Talon 375 RP
Graves 440 RP Darkflame Shyvana 487 RP
Janna 292 RP Dragonslayer Braum 487 RP
Jax 292 RP Dragonwing Corki 487 RP
Kalista 487 RP Earthrune Skarner 260 RP
Karma 395 RP Explorer Ezreal 375 RP
Lee Sin 440 RP French Maid Nidalee 260 RP
Lucian 487 RP Glaive Warrior Pantheon 487 RP
Malphite 292 RP Hextech Anivia 375 RP
Morgana 292 RP Hired Gun Lucian 487 RP
Nami 487 RP Lion Dance Kog'Maw 675 RP
Olaf 395 RP Mythic Cassiopeia 487 RP
Orianna 440 RP Night Hunter Rengar 487 RP
Renekton 440 RP Officer Vi 487 RP
Skarner 440 RP Panda Annie 487 RP
Veigar 292 RP Piltover Customs Heimerdinger 487 RP
Vel'Koz 487 RP Pool Party Graves 675 RP
Vi 487 RP Pool Party Leona 487 RP
Volibear 440 RP Scorched Earth Renekton 487 RP
Yorick 440 RP Tango Evelynn 260 RP

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