League of Legends : Patch PBE 05/18/2015

League of Legends : Patch PBE 05/18/2015
New features are available on the PBE. Check out what will certainely be soon added to League of Legends !

Some modifications have been published one Legaue of Legends test servers. You can find in the following article changes relative to the May 18th PBE patch.



new option that let you disable less subtle animations (named "Hide Eye Candy") has been integrated. Click on the previous link to learn more about it !

Balance changes

To be sure not to misunderstand the numbers and put these changes in a more global context , don't forget to check the summary of the 5.10 cycle changes on the PBE !

Champions Summoner spells
  • Mark/Rush
    • Range reduced to 1600 from 2500
    • CD increased to 40 seconds from 20 seconds
  • Bandit​
    • Now Grants +3 Gold (+8 Gold on Melee champion) each time an enemy champion is attacked. This cannot trigger on the same champion more than once every 5 seconds 
  • Expanded Mind
    • Switched place in mastery tree with Meditation
    • Now has 4 ranks +25/50/75/100 mana
  • Inspiration
    • Experience granted increased to 10/20 from 5/10
  • Intelligence
    • CD reduction of active items increased to 8/14/20% from 4/7/10%
  • Meditation
    • Switched place in mastery tree with Expanded MindHas 3 ranks: Restores 0.5/1.0/1.5% of Missing Mana per 5 seconds
  • Wanderer
    • ​Now gives +20 movement speed instead of +5%

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