[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.7 PBE patch notes

[Updated] League of Legends : Unofficial 5.7 PBE patch notes
Updated 03/04/2015 : Updated with the tonight's PBE patch data.
For some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account. 

I am sorry if some of the articles linked are in french. Please let me know if you want me to translate one of them.

For some days now, the new cycle is arrived on the PBE ! Check out what's new and what you are going to play in a few days with your live account.

Login Screen

Omega Squad Teemo login screen available :


New skins have been integrated to the PBE : 
Teemo Omega Squad (1820 RP)



Guardian of the sands Rammus (975RP)
Guardian of the sands Skarner (975RP)
Guardian of the sands Xerath (1350RP)
Arclight Vayne (975RP)

Once more, Debonair Galio is back :
Common splash art for the 5 skin of the previous cycle has been updated : 


A new icon with Teemo Omega Squad helmet has arrived :
Icons for a lot of teams have been added :
Saigon Fantastic Five Saigon Jokers Mineski Team Kthxbai
Kuala Lumpur Hunters Jakarta Juggernauts Insidious Gaming Legends Team Infinite
Full Louis Team Fat Rabbit Diamond Team Bangkok Titans
Asus Fate Ultimate Force 269 Gaming GameX Wargods



Morgana spell icons have been reworked : 

Visual effects

Some Morgana skins have received VFX updates :

Écho de Luden's passive also received new visual effects : 

Creeps now have a cooler animation when they appear on the rift from the nexus :



Champion masteries are back for testing !

"NURF" have been found in some files. Here's the tool tip for NURF's "Strategic Buff of Strategistic Strategery":
  • +100% Mana and Energy consumption
  • +200% Cooldown Inflation on Abilities, Activated Items, and Summoner Spells
  • +50% Anti-Tenacity
  • +225 Movement Speed Reduction
  • +200% Delay between basic attacks
  • Critical strikes deal 50% of total attack damage
  • This unit deals critical strikes on 150% of its attacks
  • Protection against superfluous decisiveness
  • This unit is vulnerable to consequences
Source: Look Before You Leap

A new loading screen for games played on the Summoner Rift has been added :


Balance changes

  • Machette du chasseur
    • Passive property - Jungler : 
      • HP regen reduced to 6 from 7
    • New effect : 
      • When your champion's life is under 50%, HP regen is doubled
  • Mandrake ward
    • Count as a Balise camouflée and share the same limit
    • Click to consume :
      • Places an invisible blind sentry in a brush for 5 minutes.  The plant will ping the map if a visible or invisible enemy enemy is within 900 range.
    • Can only be placed in a brush
    • Removed
  • Écho de Luden (3v3 and Dominion)
    • Recipe :
    • +100 AP
    • +7% Movement speed
    • Unique Passive:
      • Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next spell hit expends all charges to deal 100 (+15%) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets on hit.
  • Enchantement : Titan cendré
    • HP reduced to 300 from 350
    • Recipe cost increased to 400 from 350
    • Total cost increased to 2250 from 2200

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